How to Determine the Ideal Pressure Hose Sizes

How to Determine the Ideal Pressure Hose Sizes

Giraffe tools company is one of the top manufacturers of pressure washers. Like other manufacturers and stores, the company also provides accessories for pressure washers, like hoses and hose reels. When purchasing a pressure hose, you also have to buy its accompanying accessories, one of which is the hose. When choosing the hose, you must consider its size. This post looks at tips for determining the ideal pressure hose sizes.

Choose the size depending on the extent of the application

One of the most important tips for considering the ideal hose sizes for your pressure washer is the extent of the application. For instance, if you wish to use the hose to clean a large area, you will need a long hose. This will allow you to cover more area at ease.

1. Choose a hose size depending on the pressure washer PSI

PSI stands for Pressure per Square Inch. It’s the amount of pressure at which water sprays from the machine. When determining the right hose for your pressure washer, you may also benefit from considering the machine’s PSI. If the machine has a high PSI, then a narrow to medium diameter hose would be perfect. According to Maslow’s Laws on Velocity, the narrower the hose, the more the velocity of the fluid flowing through it. All pressure washer manufacturers usually indicate their products’ PSI. This makes it easy for you to use the information to find the perfect hose.

2. Choose the size depending on the GPM

GPM stands for Gallons Per Minute. The amount of water flows out of a pressure washer every minute. Like the PSI, pressure washer manufacturers also usually provide the GPM level. The diameter of a hose affects the GPM. For instance, a half an inch hose diameter usually delivers around 9 GPM. Therefore, the larger the diameter, the higher the GPM. However, it is worth mentioning that when the GPM is large, it usually means that the pressure is decreased. As explained earlier, Maslow’s laws on velocity explain this concept.

3. Consider the weight of the hose for easy handling

Other than the length and diameter, you also have to consider the weight of the diameter. The weight usually affects the ease at which you can handle the hose. The weight is usually affected by the length of the hose and its material. Naturally, the longer the hose, the more its weight, and vice versa. However, it would be unwise not to compromise the quality of the material for a lightweight product. Also, note that the lighter the material, the less durable the product.

Final words

Now that you know the factors to consider when choosing the right hose sizes, you can make the right choice. Besides choosing the right hose sizes, you also have to consider the material. Vinyl hoses are the most popular because they are easy to handle. They can fold and detangle easily. They are also light and do not cost as much as other options. There are also rubber and reinforced hoses that you can choose from. Rubber is an ideal choice if you are looking for durability. On the other hand, reinforced hoses are incredible for commercial purposes.